New Year and New Schools


Well, I have survived my first week at my new schools. I have left the Perth Family of Schools to be closer to home. I am now with the Athens Family of Schools and one school in Brockville. It was a hard decision, leaving Perth but I am really happy with the move. Everyone has been so nice and helpful. I’ve been busy decorating my Learning Commons with my colourful papers and catchy sayings.


I had a great summer reading. I have been reading a crime series; Grant County by Karin Slaughter. I also read the books“The Land of Stories; the Wishing Spell” by Chris Colfer.


This book is about an adventure that two young children, Alex and Conner, take through a fairy tale book that is given to them from their Grandma. They end up trapped in the book and must find their way home. Alex and Conner meet the many different characters that they have read about when they were younger. Do they find their way out? Grab the book to find out. Check your local library or chapters for this fun books.

Ms. G


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